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Theresa M

Hi Ivan, It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since I found your website. I searched online for a long time to find “the best breeder” to get my Malinois puppy from and after awhile it was easy to see that you were definately the best breeder, and most accomplished competitor in Schutzhund. I knew nothing about Shutzhund, and now, thanks to you, I have lots of great information about it. As time went by I enjoyed your website’s updates as you traveled all over the world teaching seminar’s and then winning the World Championship twice, that really says it all. Your example inspires me, and many others. And, although I never did any competition, you inspired me to do the best I could with my dog. I was able to enjoy a great relationship and experience working with my puppy because of “your educational training system”. Thank you for putting ” your system ” together for all of us to enjoy using. I remember the first seminars I attended, first in Phoenix AZ, then Bozeman MT, both before I got my first puppy and then later twice in Draper UT, with my puppy. It was lots of hard work, and fun. I still enjoy your book “Advanced Schutzhund” and the 4 DVD’s “Obedience without Conflict” are great. I apperciate how you focus on certain topics that you knew were hard for many of us, you put extra focus there to help us, thanks again. Last summer, I used your “www.TrainPerView.com” videos online as I waited for my “second puppy” to arrive. It’s a great way to learn, online, without having to travel. I know how much you care about your breeding program because I’ve had 2 beautiful Ot Vitosha puppies from you. They’ve both been wonderful dogs. They were beautiful females, healthy, intelligent, confident and stable temperments, with great personalities all their own, high drives for work and play, and very loving family members. It’s hard to imagine loving a puppy more than my first one, Arana. When I lost her to an unfortunate injury on Valentines Day she was only 6.5 years old and it really broke my heart. As time went by I eventually knew I had to have another puppy and it was love at first sight the first time I saw Leah at the airport. She was so beautiful and is such a loving, fun puppy. Ivan, thank you for my Leah, we have fun everyday. Best wishes for you always, Theresa Marino Ivins, Utah