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I would recommend Ivan to anyone -- David Miller

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Dina and Storm

Being a single female, living alone, it’s important for me to have layers of security.  Having been raised with dogs and exposed to various breeds and behavioral issues through foster work with a local rescue, I felt I was ready for a serious working breed and protection dog.  Enter my gorgeous Dutch Shepherd girl, Storm.  My breeder was a trusted friend from a deployed environment who had worked extensively with military working and police dogs, but from word of mouth, I heard there was a well-respected, “world famous” trainer/breeder in Florida named Ivan.   Little did I know then, but the name Ivan Balabanov meant something, it commanded a certain level of respect amongst other trainers I had spoke to about various programs.  A quick google search convinced me he was worth an evaluation session and at least one seminar.  A seminar convinced me he was worth my girl’s first year!  Storm has only worked with Ivan as I trust him completely with Storm’s development- but arguably just as important- my development.  Ivan can train not only the dog, but the handler.  I am lucky to have Ivan only 20 miles from my home, but even in moments of need, he is only a phone call or email away.  No matter the distance, I have personally seen Ivan work wonders with both dog and handler. Storm knows Ivan by name as if he’s a command….she loves to work and is thriving under Ivan’s techniques.  To quote Ivan, “we make it look like a science, but in reality, we just play with dogs.”  To Ivan, this may be true since he is a natural and can read dogs like no one I’ve met before, but I’ve seen transformations occur in front of my eyes that only science can answer.  There is a depth and many layers to what Ivan does that is unmatched in most other dog arenas.  Not every handler will understand this depth, but I can assure you that dogs will.  And as for my layers of security, they grow each day and with every session.  You can’t go wrong with Ivan Balabanov. Dina W. and Storm, Tampa, Fl