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I would recommend Ivan to anyone -- David Miller

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David Miller

prince_kid In a world where people do evil things to others, we all must be prepared. I was looking for a protection dog for about a year and happened to come upon Premier Protection Dogs during my quest. After having made a few phone calls to other sites, I started following what Ivan suggests you to do – “check out the credentials of the people training the dogs”. Some trainers were hesitant to talk about their credentials and others tried to boast of their accomplishments with their dogs and sales. Ivan did none of these. When my wife and I finally decided to see Ivan and his training facility we went in with an open mind. We were greeted warmly and Ivan answered all of our questions. When he brought our Prince, and I called his name, Prince came running over to me and rolled over onto his back as if he’d been my dog all along. The dog is for my wife and our business. Prince took to her commands very easily. After three days of training at Ivan’s facility and two different malls, a coffee shop, and a recreational park, we took Prince home. Ivan worked individually with my wife to insure she was comfortable with Prince in any situation. We have seen more than 15 different people come to Ivan’s facility and train their dogs. All dog owners had nothing but positive remarks of Ivan and his training. It is clearly evident that Ivan does have a way of communicating and getting dogs to do what is desired in a clear, concise, human way. Sometimes after making a major purchase you might get “buyers remorse” – not in this case for my wife and I. Prince was such a loveable and easy-going dog and a great traveler. He has done everything we have asked of him and more. In less than a month, Prince has made our home and car his. He is very protective of both of these; however, we can still bring people to our house. I would recommend Ivan to anyone looking for a superior protection dog – not only would you be getting that but also your “top buddy”!