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Daryl and Bailey

Daryl-Bailey I own a 3-year old Doberman Pincher who is an amazing dog named Bailey. She has a great temperament with all people/dogs and is extremely smart. We trained her basic obedience (sit, stay, down, shake, come, etc), but I came to a point where I would play with her/practice with her, but with no real direction beyond what I’d already done. I kept doing the basic commands and wasn’t sure how to train her to the next level. Almost a year ago, I ran into one of Ivan’s clients at a Starbucks in Plant City with a Doberman as well that was incredibly well trained; way beyond where Bailey was – but where we wanted her to be. He told me about Ivan and I did some research and met with him for the first time at a seminar he put on, which was an incredible experience. Watching him correct behavior/performance issues of dogs at the seminar was amazing and his concepts made complete sense. Ivan helped open the door for me to “move on” with training and really get into much more advanced training. My goal with Bailey isn’t to get into protection necessarily; but have an extremely obedient house dog and try for Obedience titles (BH, etc). Over the past three months, the improvement that has been made with her is amazing, but it’s all about the concepts/fundamentals Ivan taught me. I look at dog training entirely differently than before. If you’re looking for someone who truly gets it and understands training and dog psychology, Ivan is the best! Daryl Wurzbacher family, Tampa Fl