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Dan and Anka

dan-anka Let me begin by saying very few people in the larger community of canine protection sports know who I am and that’s perfectly fine. There’s no particular reason why anyone really should have. My technical skill as a canine trainer are novice at best, but here’s why what I have to say about Ivan Balabanov is more than relevant and why you should pay attention to it. I am a voracious student of anyone who can help me learn something I didn’t know before or understand very well, as it pertains to behavior modification in animals. I am open to learning from anyone I can truly benefit from and can be a better trainer because of it, and I have studied material from many, many sources. From the original writings of the early giants of behavioral theorem, Pavlov, Thorndike, and Skinner. All the way through to the phenomenal work being done by our modern day, seminal, ethologists, experimental psychologists, and Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists. I have had the pleasure to work with Ivan probably more than most through a combination of seminars and personal coaching and I can honestly tell everyone that I believe he has studied it all, tried it all, experimented and explored it all, over his long career and has distilled it all down, especially in the context of protection sports but in general canine behavior as well, into one of the best sets of concepts and procedures to positively, effectively, motivate, and communicate just about anything you can imagine trying to teach a dog. If you can, expose yourself to him and his ideas. Travel and make it to one of his seminars wherever you can. Seek out and study the mountain of good, solid, behavioral science and training philosophy that’s out there. You will ultimately be a better trainer for it, and in the end you will come to realize, as I have, that Ivan is one of the rare few that inhabits the top of that mountain and has contributed greatly to it in his own unique way. Dan Walker and little Anka Tampa, Fl