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Malinois | World Champions

Why Premier Protection Dogs?

Premier Protection Dogs

premier ot vitosha malinois We breed and train dogs for personal protection since 1989! We hold Absolutely Unparalleled Credentials and Accomplishments! Ivan is a two time World Champion in protection dog sport IPO, but besides being the best in the world in the dog sport arena, Ivan is the most sought after expert when it comes to training a real protection dog. This is why he instructs and develops programs for Special Forces K9 Groups, ATF, United States Police Association, The Swiss Army and more. I strongly suggest you take a look at the diplomas, certificates and Champion titles here Credentials. Now let me help you demystify  the Protection Dogs and Protection Training industry for you. Click on the light bulbs to get the answers and also watch some of our videos. For complete video list go to our YouTube Channel. Do you want to compare different Protection Dog companies? Read our FAQ page with important tips on what is important and legit!

Why Premier Protection Dogs? Watch the videos here.

All Dogs that have completed my Premier Protection Dog course, have proven time after time to be 100% safe with the family. While they are easy to handle, at the same time they’re the most reliable protection when needed. I usually have only limited dogs per year that pass all of the selection, tests, and specialized training necessary to become Premier Protection Dogs.
I do not divide my dogs into different levels, or use terms as executive, elite, estate, etc. I sell only one type of dog – Premier Protection Dog. I divide the dogs in ONLY two categories – Excellent in temperament and Training and the second type are that are … Not. I will not try to sell you a dog that is not suitable for protection for 10,000$ or 15,000$ and come up with a silly name for “not suitable”. I don’t travel around the world searching and begging to buy someone’s sport dog and then try to transition its training into protection dog. I do buy dogs from dog dealers in Europe because none of these dogs have ever met my standarts. My trips are striclty to give seminars and workshops on Protection Dog Training. So if I am bringing a dog back with me was NOT trough a Dog Dealer and it was not really for sale. My dogs are the only dogs in the industry that are specifically Bred, Selected, Raised and Trained from puppies on to become Premier Protection Dogs and to understand Security Treat Levels.

What is Your Security Treat Level today? Also video of the “Guard” Command

The Protection dog training is not simply teaching a dog to bite! There is huge tactical aspect that most dog trainers and companies are not aware of. Should you send your dog to bite, or should your dog wait for the intruder to come close? Should the dog bite on command only, or make desicions on its own? Understanding the benefits of offensive and defensive training and when to apply which … Should your dog constantly be at “high” Security threat level and what does this mean? My Premier Protection Dogs are thought to maintain levels from Low to High matching the present demands of your life! I will personally teach you how to use your dog in the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones

Why are Malinois the ideal protection dogs? More protection videos here.

  • Malinois is the breed of choice for the U.S. Secret Service, and majority of the French, Dutch, Belgian, and German police departments.
  • The U.S. Dept. of Defense uses 98% Malinois.
  • Ot Vitosha Malinois export Malinois to Europe
  • Malinois wins all protection sport championships.
  • Ot Vitosha Malinois have proven their skills against the best of any other breed.
  • Malinois are very healthy dogs with a long life span (up to 14-17 years).
  • Ot Vitosha Malinois are great family dogs: good with children and other animals, and easy to live with.
  • Ot Vitosha Malinois are adaptable. They can be more or less active, depending on the lifestyle of you family
  • Ot Vitosha Malinois breeds and trains Premier Protection Dogs since 1989!