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Ludo Ot Vitosha

Ludo is a son of the famous Belgian dog Kaidén van’t Vinzenhof, on the mother side is Anthrax Ostraryka and Unik Ot Vitosha and many superstars! It is excellent very nice combination of working dogs. I did this breeding in Europe and he is still there. Will be a very nice working dog or top […]

FaRena Ot Vitosha

FaRena aka Rena has the potential to be an amazing sport dog. Anything from fly ball, dock diving to IGP and so on. Absolutely gorgeous puppy too

Yuli Ot Vitosha

Yuli is a gorgeous one-year-old Ot Vitosha Malinois, raised with children, other dogs, and farm animals. She is fully obedience trained and ready for her new family!            

Varja Ot Vitosha

Varja got returned to few days ago because of family reasons. He is very cool outgoing playful puppy ,  good with other dogs, friendly with people, a happy puppy that loves to play any game you’d like. AKC registered, healthy and ready to go!

Etan Ot Vitosha

If you are lucky adog will come into your life, steal your heart and change everything – meet Etan Ot Vitosha! First let me tell you about his pedigree and how I selected him to become a Premier Protection Dog. His sire Ebor Ot Vitosha is 5 x National Champion, His grand sire Qenny ot […]

Ulrich Ot Vitosha

Sometimes a dream comes true! Let me present you Ulrich In 2017 at Ot Vitosha Malinois we had 8 litters of puppies. I’m very proud and excited to present Ulrich Ot Vitosha as one of the only two puppies ( Uta is his littermate) selected for my Premiere Protection Dogs puppy program! Ulrich has the […]

Uta Ot Vitosha

Uta is going to steal your heart! In 2017 at Ot Vitosha Malinois we had 8 litters of puppies. I’m very proud and excited to present Uta Ot Vitosha as one of the only two puppies selected for my Premiere Protection Dogs puppy program and the other is no one else but his Brother Ulrick. Uta […]

Knox Ot Vitosha

Introducing Knoxl Ot Vitosha Malinois available for sale now. Knox is on a completely different level if anyone would try to compare him to dogs on the internet! Power, Intelligence and Confidence ! Stunning appearance ( but this is obvious and secondary, Knox has excellent house manners, gets along with other dogs and loves children. Specifically bred, selected and in training with one thing in mind _ Premier Protection like no other dog!!!


Handsome dog that is raised with kids and other dogs, fully trained to protect, but we guarantee you will have the most loyal friend you have ever dreamed of! For more info and videos go to his page

Xander Ot Vitosha

check out Xander’s page, after you read his bio and watch the videos you will realize – he is not the like any protection dog for sale you have seen on the internet!

Krum Ot Vitosha

if you are looking for the very special, one of a kind, once in a lifetime protection dog, the perfect balance between loyal friend and fearless protector, meet Krum ot Vitosha! He is still continuing his education but is available for sale already. It took two years of selection …

B’Enox Ot Vitosha

Enox just graduated from my Premiere Protection Dog program, He is a very special boy, go to his page to see more videos and read about him

Odin Ot Vitosha

SOLD Odin is that dog that other trainers and protection companies do not believe it exists, this is how unique he is! With perfect physique, extreme power, speed and agility and the highest possible level of training, combined with loyalty and absolutely stunning looks make Odin the most special dog I have trained. Even in the most unusual and surprising situation …

Eli Premier Protection Malinois

A son of Ajax ot Vitosha, his mother is from the french kennel Du Calvaire aux Acacias. Eli is excellent dog with great temperament and personality. Serious when requiered and fun to be with at all other times. Good with dogs, and friendly people.

One Ot VItosha

Very promising one year old Ot Vitosha Malinois for top sport or Police K9, too high drive for family protecion. Price 10,000$

Zee Ot Vitosha

Zee just came back to me because her family is moving to a location where unfortunately dogs are not be allowed. She is a very smart and loving girl! Fully obedience trained. great house manners, excellent with kids and other dogs, easy to handle. loves to play too. I have tested her and she will […]