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Malinois | When Only The Best Will Do

Our Protection Puppy Program

The Premier Protection Puppy Program is probably the most exciting of all services we have to offer! Why is it so popular? Since I am a breeder of some of the finest Malinois the world has to offer, I always select and raise few puppies with the only objective in mind … Premier Protection Dog! Unless you do not have time for a puppy, doesn’t it make perfect sense to have your Premier Protection Dog grow up in your family and be a part of it from day One?! The whole idea came around as one of our clients suggested this as an option for them, and it worked so well that ever since I have developed the only such puppy program in the world of protection dogs. An important reason for looking into the puppy program is a lifestyle that is somewhat unusual and it may take longer to find a dog that will fit right in without any complications. For example, if you already own dogs, and/or cats or other animals, big family with “a lot of action”, children of different ages, traveling on a private plane, boat etc.

Available Puppies