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Krum Ot Vitosha

General Information

Date of Birth: 09/08/2015

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It took me two years of planning the breeding etc., but to select this special boy for the Premier Protection Dog program was quite easy! The difficult part was to convince myself not to keep him for myself. I love this dog!!! Besides his super pedigree (most of the dogs you can see on the website as well), Krum has a flawless temperament, and unbelievable self confidence. Even from a little puppy his response to anything that may look scary or strange has been to go forward investigate and challenge it. He has natural level of suspicion and excellent response to unexpected challenge of any kind! But he will warm up quickly towards a new person if the handler chooses to show him that there is nothing to worry about. At the same time Krum is super playful and loving with his close family, as well as all people that interact with him on daily basis. Krum gets along with other dogs too. He has very nice house manners, not destructive and will lay down and relax when nothing is going on. He is not 1 year old yet, so we are continuing with his training. By the time he is ready to graduate there will be no dog that can compare to him – the ultimate combination between a best friend and super protection dog, bred right here at Ot Vitosha Malinois and fully trained by Ivan Balabanov Krum is available for sale already, he could even go home now for few months and come back for his training. Check out our puppy program here or contact me for additional information.


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