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Hi Ivan, I wanted to send you a follow up email regarding Kayman. We’ve had Kayman for a full two months. I waited to send you an update so I could have some time with him before giving you a report. You have my permission to use and/or reproduce this email for any purpose you see fit. kayman 4 First, I should say that Kayman is doing great and has been a fantastic addition to our family. Kayman is our first Begian Malinois and our first protection trained dog. We’ve had dogs before, but nothing like Kayman. My family has three (3) young children ages 7, 6 and 4. My 7 year old daughter is a special needs child and my 6 and 4 year olds are typical healthy and sometimes crazy kids. Kayman is their best friend. Our goal for a protection dog was to have a dog that was friendly, approachable and loving with the family and friends. We weren’t looking for an intimidating “guard dog” type. We wanted a dog that is friendly with everyone, but is capable, able and willing to protect upon command should the need arise. Kayman has been exactly that for us. kayman 3 Kayman isn’t a “guard dog.” I don’t get the impression that he is territorial in the slightest. I think that if he were home alone and a burglar broke into our house, he wouldn’t do a thing about it. He’d probably want the burglar to throw him a frisbee. This is exactly what I want from Kayman. His job isn’t to protect property. His job is to protect his family. I also have full confidence that if someone broke into the house while we were there AND we gave him the command, there would be a bad guy missing an arm or leg. kayman 2 Kayman is the first adult dog that I’ve ever acquired. Every dog I’ve had before was acquired as a puppy. I was concerned how an adult may adapt to a new family and how he would be able to bond to us as his new pack. My concerns were completely unfounded. Kayman quickly adapted and bonded to us as if he had been with us since a puppy. My wife was also concerned that such a highly trained adult would be “robotic” and lack the personality quirks that make so many dogs so endearing. Those concerns were also unfounded. Kayman has plenty of personality and funny quirks. He is just so expressive with his eyes and ears that we can almost read his mind. Kayman is very much a part of our everyday lives. Kayman sleeps on the floor at the foot of our bed (on my wife’s side) at night. He is happy to sleep in as late as he can, but always gets up with us in the morning. If I get up in the night to use the bathroom, he gets up and follows me and then returns back to the same place to sleep. We have a typical family morning of repeatedly telling the kids to eat their breakfast, get dressed, etc. It is always hectic getting three kids out the door to school in the morning. Kayman just sits and watches the pandemonium with his usual cool calm demeanor. After the kids are out the door I finish getting dressed and head to work myself. Kayman always goes to work with me. Everyone in my office loves Kayman. He spends most of his day sleeping in front of my desk. He gets up to greet anyone who walks in hoping they will scratch his ears and give him some affection. He is always calm in the office. My days are usually full of meetings and/or events. I am regularly in news studios and at public speaking events. Kayman goes to all of them with me. He is always polite and friendly. People generally think he is a big teddy bear. I take him out to go to the bathroom twice a day. After he goes to the bathroom I throw the frisbee for about 10 minutes and do some obedience work. He needs both the physical and mental stimulation. After work, I’m back at home with the family for dinner and evening homework. Kayman just sits around and calmly watches it all. Then it is bedtime. Kayman sits at my feet every night as I read my kids a book and put them to bed. Each of the kids always want Kayman to sleep in bed with them. Kayman prefers to sleep in my room, but I wouldn’t hesitate to leave him in any of the kids rooms for the night. I usually take Kayman for one last final walk at night before I get ready for bed myself. Kayman is happy to let my kids walk him on a leash. He does a casual heel and doesn’t pull on the leash at all. However, he really doesn’t obey any of their other commands. They will try to command him and he just looks at me with a silly “They aren’t in charge look.” I think as the kids grow older, Kayman will work better with them. I will also start teaching my 6 year old son to work with him soon. My guess is that in a couple of weeks Kayman will obey him well. kayman 5 The only activity that I have to put Kayman away for is “Nerf Gun Wars.” My 4 year old girl and 6 year old son love to shoot Nerf guns at each other and at me. They run around the house shooting these things while screaming and laughing. Kayman starts by sitting at my side, but then he sees the “attacks” from the kids and wants to protect me. He doesn’t seem to understand the difference between “play fighting” and an actual threat. He has gone into protection mode with me on this a couple of times. He never hurt the kids, but he did scare the heck out of them and left a few marks in the process. We now know that in “play fighting” situations, to just put Kayman in his kennel. Ultimately, he’s just doing his job. I’ve done some minor additional training with Kayman myself. I don’t have any dog training experience myself. I just try to use some common sense and pay attention. I’m sure I made plenty of mistakes, but Kayman doesn’t seem to mind my own clumsiness. He is just such a joy to train because he wants to learn all the time and has such a desire to please. I’ve never had occasion or need to use an electronic collar with Kayman. A simple pinch collar has been all I’ve ever needed. He likes dog treats, but his big motivator is his frisbee. He would much rather work for a toy than food. kayman 2 In the two months I’ve had Kayman, he has flown across the country, sat in dozens of formal board meetings, ridden on escalators, ridden in elevators, ridden on busses, been in crowded and noisy environments, been in the most formal and informal of restaurants, school events and even attended professional sporting events. He has been nothing short of perfect throughout all of it. All he wants to do is to be with me. A Malinois is a demanding dog that isn’t for everyone. But if a person is able to give a Malinois what he needs, there is no better loving, loyal, protective family dog in the world. Ivan, I have you to thank for Kayman. Without the training that you’ve already done, Kayman wouldn’t be the same dog he is today. I am simply not capable and experienced, nor do I have the time, to train a dog to the level that Kayman is today. When a Malinois comes from the right breeding and then is given the right training, there is no better dog in the world. Kayman is a big lovable goofball that just wants to please and receive affection from everyone. He is also a dog that is more than capable of extreme levels of protection should the need arise. He is the best of both worlds. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sincerely, J.P. Holyoak Paradise Valley, AZ


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