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Ot Vitosha Vaccinations & Deworming schedule

After getting an Ot Vitosha puppy chances are your veterinarian will ask you for nay puppy vaccination records. Since we do our own vaccinations, deworming and microchips there is no veterinarian record to be obtained. But do not worry all you need to tell your vet is the information bellow:

Puppy Vaccination Schedule

All Ot Vitosha puppies have been vaccinated twice here All Ot Vitosha puppies are vaccinated twice with Canine Spectra 5 . We do the vaccinations ourselves. The first one is given at 5 weeks old, and the second repeat vaccine is given two days prior leaving our facility ( around 8 weeks old)

Puppy Deworming Schedule

All Ot Vitosha puppies have been dewormed 3 times before they leave usAlthough our Ot Viotsha puppies are healthy, they have been dewormed at 3 weeks, 5 weeks and two days before they leave our facility with Nemex as a preventative measure.

Ot Vitosha Identification

All Ot Vitosha puppy born after April 2012 have micro chipWe use ISO-compliant microchips contain 15 numbers only for our puppies since April 2012. The number of the microchip is attached to the puppy sale agreement, and also kept in our records. We strongly recommend that you register the microchip with either HOME AGAIN  or AKC REUNITE  to pair the microchip with yourself and you address!