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Hall of Fame

B’Aiko Ot Vitosha

Aiko is a very nice replica of his father Django ot Vitosha (arguably the best of our dogs) When you watch his performances with Natalia you will see harmony. Aiko is a very intelligent Malinois who is always ready to train, play and show! Great personality, friendly with dogs and people. In 2018 Aiko Placed […]

Doc Ot Vitosha (aka Cody)

        Doc Ot Vitosha AWMA 2003 IPO 3 National Champion! He is a brother of Django Doc is son of Bomber Ot Vitosha ( the very first Mondio Ring dog in USA Grandmother is Nakita Des Deux Pottois aka Lia who is Ot Vitosha foundation female, Doc’s Grandfather is Igor von Löwenfels who […]

Lada Ot Vitosha

Lada is full sister to Ebor ot Vitosha ( Ivan’s competition dog). Because the first breeding between Viara Ot Vitosha and Qenny Ot Vitosha was so successful we decided to do it again and keep a breeding female for our future.

Sofia Ot Vitosha

Sofia Ot Vitosha is daughter of Cadance Ot Vitosha and Viara Ot Vitosha who is also the mother of Ebor Ot Vitosha. Sofia lives in Sweden with Maria who competes in IPO with her, Sofia placed 9th at the FCI World Championships in 2015!!! Thanks to Maria for allowing me to breed her to Kaidén van’t […]

Sandy van de Haantjeshoek aka Cindy

arguably the most important female for Ot Vitosha malinois. Cindy is daughter of a legend in the Malinois world – Elgos du Chemin des Plaines She was bred to Turcodos van de Duvettore to produce two time world champion Qenny Ot Vitosha some videos and pictures coming soon

Django Ot Vitosha

In the USA Malinois working history, there is no other Malinois besides Qenny Ot Vitosha that has accomplished what Django Ot Vitosha did.  Django was simply a genius and here is why –  At the of two  years old, he was already American Working Dog Federation  Champion. The same year he became the vice champion of […]

Qenny Ot Vitosha – FCI & FMBB World Champion!

2014 AWDF Championship 1st, 2nd and 3rd place are 3 Qenny Ot Vitosha sons! We are extremely proud! Something no one has accomplished before! Qenny Ot Vitosha ….let’s see where do I start, at 10 months old I knew he is amazing , at year and a half old I knew he will become the […]

Bomber Ot Vitosha

Bomber is a very special dog for Ot Vitosha kennel we used him a lot for breeding in the 90’s He was extremely intelligent dog which made him highly trainable. He is the father of some very famous Ot Vitosha dogs, for example Django ot Vitosha and Doc ot Vitosha became American Working Malinois IPO […]

Turcodos van de Duvetorre

Turcodos is a legend and remains as such in the hearts with everyone who has ever had the chance to interact with him on and off the competition field. Turcodos was “not one of the most” … but for sure the most powerful dog of all times! This is not just my words. After the […]

Ekim Spoilenhaus

Courage 100%, Speed 100%, drive 100% even now at 9 years old he could be a world champion. Ekim is one of these dogs that never in his life had a bad grip, his speed on the entries scare every helper that catches him, we have used Ekim in our breeding and will continue to […]

(Ava) ZH’Aksu ot Shato Bulgar

Absolutely flawless temperament, genetic full grips and trainability. In the past Ava was bred twice to 2x World Champion Qenny Ot Vitosha, and Django Ot Vitosha.  Ava’s sons Cadance, Chief are used as well in our breeding program. Here is a video of a puppy from her last breeding with Django ot Vitosha A daugther […]

Cartouche LOF 200161

When Cartouche was first imported from France to USA , we had the opportunity to collect frozen semen and have already done 3 Ot Vitosha breedings. Very nice pedigree with a lot of famous dogs behind him Cartouche has proved himself in our breeding program , excellent temperament and qualities! He had a French Ring […]

J’Eevee Ot Vitosha

Evee is Django’s sister, she was one of the few females we used in our breeding program with great success in the early 2000’s. Strong character, but also very affectionate. Excellent grips and exceptional long attacks.  

Chief Ot Vitosha

Chief is big and powerful dog with great confidence and speed. Very social and easy going off the field, but when it’s time to work he becomes seriously intimidating and quickly gains respect from any helper who has had a chance …

Cadance Ot Vitosha

Cadance Ot Vitosha has awesome pedigree , sired by 2 x World Champion and yet another World Champion on the mother side!His mother Zh’Aksu ot Shato Bulgar is as well one of our great females ( see her page). Cadance’s 1st breeding was with Viara ( mother of Ebor Ot Vitosha)which produced some excellent puppies. […]

Puma vom Hause Diethelm

Puma is one of our all time favorite breeding females, she is now retired and lives a great life – thanks to Silvia for taking her home! Puma has excellent drives for any type of work. She can work and pace herself for a very long time , Off the roof drives for work but […]

Drogo Daroosh Ot Vitosha

Drogo is super powerful dog with the qualities I would choose a dog to own myself. He is a son of Ekim and is even more “improved” version of his parents. on the picture he is only 10 months old, right now he looks like a beast you do not want to mess with! Thanks […]

Viara Ot Vitosha

Viara was bred twice in the past to Qenny Ot Vitosha and also once to Cadance!The dog I am preparing for competition Ebor Ot Vitosha , is form this combination. I have also kept a female from the repeated breeding for our future breeding stock. Viara is with very stable temparament. She is extremely fast […]

Farren van de Utadreef

Farren was for sure one of our top producing females. She is a beautiful dark colored female. Excellent temperament and drives! Few of her puppies just began their competition careers in IPO as well as RingSport. I am also using two of her daugthers in my breeding program due to the characteristics she passes on to […]

Giselle Ot Vitosha

Giselle was already bred once to Qenny Ot Vitosha, and had some awesome puppies, correct size , dark color, and amazing drives for work – any work! We have kept one of the puppies for us. Video of Giselle coming soon.

Areta Ot Dachevski

One of our new additions, Areta competed at the FCI 2016, when you watch her protection video you will know why we bred her to Ebor Ot Vitosha

Aydan Ot Vitosha

Absolutely flawless temperament, genetic full grips and trainability. Aydan had puppies already once sired by 2x World Champion Qenny Ot Vitosha. This time we decided to breed her to Cadance ot Vitosha Sire Zurco Ajax Ot Vitosha dam Farren v.d. Utadreef

Hidden Garden’s Echo

Echo very nicely build female with a lot of speed and attitude. We bred her already once to Ebor and these puppies turned out to be excellent.  This time around we decided to breed her to Odin Ot Vitosha!

Cronos FCM P-2290-A

We have used Cronos already once in our breeding program and are very excited to do it again. He comes from very interesting combination of bloodlines, that carries some of the best Du Boscaille dogs and French Ring Champions. Very fast, compact dog with excellent agility and grips.

Ultra – Wiski Ot Vitosha

IPO 3 Absolutely flawless temperament, gentic full grips and super cool long attacks. very sound and confident female with excellent toy and food drive. Wiski was bred to 2x World Champion Qenny Ot Vitosha. expect dark puppies from the combination with Qenny. co-owned Ivan and Vince.