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I would recommend Ivan to anyone -- David Miller

Ivan Balabanov | World Champion Malinois

Current Females

Zara (aka Morena) Marshall

Zara marshal Dogs aka Morena is a very strong , beautiful female. She is one of our current breeding females. Morena has super grips and attitude , very smart and easy to train. Anyone that has seen her on or off the field is amazed … always!

Fury Ot Vitosha

Fury is very stable, solid build female. Excellent gripps, endurance food and toy drive. She reminds us a lot of her mom Zh’Aksu (aka Ava) but is a bit bigger in size

Eve II Ot Vitosha

Eve one of my best young females, she was supposed to be a competition dog but unfortunately as it happens often my friend who was supposed to train and compete with her did not find the time to devote. Eve is super female with all traits to be a top competition dog. Grips, Speed, Possession, […]

Nikie Ot Vitosha

Nikie is one of our new breeding females, the combination between her and Ebor will be very nice

Fallon Ot Vitosha

Fallon is one of our upcoming breeding females, can not wait for her to grow up and make some dream combinations!

Accola Codi-Fin

Accola is one of our young females we are going to use for breeding soon. She is an excellent working dog and I am debating if i would find the time to show her in competitions. Very social and stable, great drives for obedience, protection and tracking! Amazing long bites and endurance. Very nice pedigree […]

Yvett Ot Vitosha

Also known as Lola is a very nice strong built female with excellent pedigree. We kept Lola as one of the best female puppies we had in a long time for our breeding program. Finally she is ready to have her first litter and we just did the breeding with Ebor ot Vitosha!

Katja Ot Vitosha

Katja Ot Vitosha ( aka Chi), is one of our very special young females we have chosen to keep and continue the legacy of Ot Vitosha breeding program! Excellent energy with balanced drives, top droves for play and protection, genetic grips, high self confidence , really everything including some of the best of the best […]

Tikka Ot Vitosha

Tikka is one of the most crazy Malinois I have worked with ( in a good way) Always willing, never quitting , fearless and …. speed, speed, speed and more speed!!! Thanks to Paul Westall for allowing me to get back to co-own her with him and make some excellent Ot Vitosha breedings! In the […]

Sofia Ot Vitosha

Sofia Ot Vitosha is daughter of Cadance Ot Vitosha and Viara Ot Vitosha who is also the mother of Ebor Ot Vitosha. Sofia lives in Sweden with Maria who competes in IPO with her, Sofia placed 9th at the FCI World Championships in 2015!!! Thanks to Maria for allowing me to breed her to Kaidén van’t […]

Galia Ot Vitosha Tr.

Galia is one of the female we kept for breeding and is now co-owned with Ellen. We had the first litter of puppies with Win Ot Vitosha. She is a beutiful dark colored female and a lot of her puppies have the same dark color . Perfect temperament for anything you’d like to do