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Malinois | World Champion Malinois

Nikie Ot Vitosha


General Information

Date of Birth: 12/01/2013

Registration Number:


Nikie is one of our new breeding females, the combination between her and Ebor will be very nice


Nikie Ot Vitosha Win Ot Vitosha Cadance Ot Vitosha Qenny Ot Vitosha
Zh’Aksu Ot Shato Bulgar
Puma vom House Diethelm Gerry vom Parchimer Land
Basra vom Herrenberger Scholss
Galia Ot Vitosha TR. Cartouche LOF 200161 Us’Ton du Calvaire aux Acacias
Utta II LOF56725
Vandetta FCM R- 2777 Para du Calvire aux Acacias
Trucha FCM GA-4068