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Malinois | World Champion Malinois

Nakita Dex Deux Pottois (aka Lia) - IPO 3 , FH

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General Information

Date of Birth: 03/02/1989

Registration Number:


Nakita Des Deux Pottois aka Lia is Ot Vitosha malinois founding female. Despite my knowledge at the time Lia had the best natural protection work. Super gripps, never changed , never anything less than full, ever! Excellent solid temperament, in any type of environment, social woith dog and people. Numerous times high protection at national championships at an era where malinois was looked as an “alternate” breed in the german shepherd world. If you ever wonder which of all dogs is my all time number one now you know! In 1995 Lia placed 12th at the FCI World Championasips, this was a huge accomplishemnt since no dog form USA placed this high at any international competitions nakita lia pedfigree nakita mounutain nakita podiumNakita sleevenakita head

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