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I would recommend Ivan to anyone -- David Miller

Ivan Balabanov | World Champion Malinois

C’Odin Ot Vitosha - Fr Ring 1

General Information

Date of Birth: 05/21/2014

Registration Number:


C’Odin Ot Vitosha was Ivan’s Ring sport dog. He is now owned by our good friend Scott O. and we are very happy that we can still use him in our breeding program!  Odin is a highly confident dog with powerful bite. He weighs around 78lb is very handsome and can/should be used for breeding because of his pedigree as well as his character, conformation and health. Odin is not a dog for first time owner, he can be possessive over his food, his kennel or if a stranger would try to restraint him , although these are all easy to manage situations – I still would not recommend him for first time handler.  But if a true protection is needed, he will give it all! He loves/lives for training and playing. He can be quite reckless when “attacking” a ball or a Frisbee.  He is very safe around people in public as long as they don’t mess with him. Being petted is not “messing with him” and he is fine with that. Gets along with female dogs great, has always been around males but never allowed to interact with mature males just because of safety. He has never been in a dog fight or shown any tendencies but we do use caution as he is quite powerful of a dog! More information coming soon, enjoy his videos and contact if you would like to use him as a stud or to purchase.


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