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No two dogs are the same! Over ninety percent of all behavior problems are related to the ability to effectively communicate with your dog. Research shows that every dog possesses a unique personality. According to Ivan’s observation and experience, behavioral characteristics of dogs differ to the same degree as they do in humans. Indeed, much of what is known about human personality types is also applicable to the study of dog behavior. Every dog owner is well aware of the fact that Dogs are pack animals. They prefer a social lifestyle. However, these packs are structurally dynamic, different dogs also possess different drives. Breeds that are generally more responsive to human command, also usually manifest higher levels of socialized behavior in pack situations. This tendency leads many to conclude that dogs that are more socialized also possess a higher level of intelligence, than dogs that are more autonomous in their behavior.
Ivan Balabanov points out, however, that the distinguishing factor lies in the trainer’s ability to motivate, rather than the intelligence of the dog itself. Breeds with lower pack drives require less attention and companionship than more social dogs. At Dog Training of Tampa Bay, inc. we are proud to say that for us there no hard to train dogs! Ivan’s revolutionary system Training Without Conflict is based on the ability to clearly communicate with dogs! His patient style of teaching has made him the most popular coach of trainers in U.S.A. In the past twnety years, Ivan has given over nine hundred seminars and workshops in the United States, Canada Germany, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Greece, Czech Republic, England, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong, Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela (to name a few) which has made him one of the driving forces in popularizing reward-based training around the globe. Ivan, Grace and Taylor are fluent in all modern training methods. Take a look at the services and talk to us to find out which ones is the best for your dog and your budget.
Worked as an Animal Behaviorist for 5 years at The San Francisco SPCA ( the first non kill animal shelter in the world) his job was to evaluate and successfully rehabilitate dogs, who were referred by other professional dog trainers as hopeless cases. During the same time Ivan also developed the curriculum and was the original founder of The San Francisco SPCA School for Dog Trainers. Worked as an Instructor at The Guide Dogs for the Blind, inc. in San Rafael, CA. Where he trained successfully more than 300 dogs and students. Founder and former president of American Working Malinois Association ( AWMA) FCI ( international) licensed working dog judge Ivan Balabanov is arguably the most accomplished dog trainer in USA, but what makes a dog trainer the best in the world?