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Malinois | Let's have Fun with Tricks

Pet Tricks Class

Let us show You how to teach your dog to Play Dead, Speak, Roll- Over, Shake hands, High 5, Skate Board, go to bed, Sneeze on command, walk on front feet only and every other pet trick you may have seen! Learning Pet Tricks with your dog is without a doubt a lot of fun! But besides the fun part there are endless benefits. Your dog(s) will become more confident and aware of every part of their bodies while You will learn how to take the time to enjoy the process of dog training. Your dog will be mentally and physically stimulated, it will get a very different satisfaction and enjoyment of its accomplishment at a level far beyond your basic Obedience Class and the Sit Stays you get to practice there. You will learn and experience first hand the amazing level of your dog intelligence and skills. Our Pet Tricks lessons are not the typical dog training class! Rather than focusing on perfect performance, the lessons are all about learning to enjoy the moments. We will show you how to have FUN with your dog(s).

The price for these lessons will vary greatly depending on the age of the dog, your skills, and of course what type of tricks you like to teach.

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