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Free Obedience Classes

In our 30 years of dog training experience, we can say with 100% confidence, that Obedience classes are not the best way to teach your dog, nevermind solving behavior problems. We do offer Obedinece Classes,and they are free of charge but only as an Ongoing Refresher Courses, to our clients who have already gone trough the Accelerated Programs! The Refresher courses are a lot of fun, and are the place where you can build on to what You and Your dog already know. We understand that with time some of the fundamental skills and techniques You and Your dog learned may “slip away”, in only one session we will help re-establish what seem to be forgotten. Both, Natalia and Ivan are instructing at these events! Some of the classes are at our Dog Training of Tampa bay facility in Plant City and others are at local parks, streets, coffee shops and restaurants in Lakeland, Tampa, Ybor City, etc. If you would like to be on the email list and get notiffied when and where our next class will be please subscribe at the bottom of this page for our Dog Obedience Class Announcements We are looking forward to see you!