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Competitive Dog Sports

What do You want to do with Your Dog?

When choosing a dog trainer, experience matters. Our instructors have more than 30 years experience training and competing with the dogs that they train. The Balabanov method has been proven over and over again and has resulted in over two World and twelve National championships. Let us show you how to get to that next level of training and competition.

The majority of dog behavior problems come as a result of your dog living a life without much excitement, waiting for you to take them on the usual around the block walk, or at the best go to the dog park from time to time. The truth is dogs that have enrolled in various dog sports have a very different relationship with their families. They become more in tuned with their owners. This highly interactive dog training, stimulates learning and builds confidence, such dogs are physically and mentally fit. Having a ” purpose” makes them a proud member of your “pack”, and ultimately they are happier dogs! Every dog can have fun, this is why there so many dog sports. you can try which one you and your dog like to do at the facility of Dog Training of Tampa Bay, inc. We are Located on 10 acres in Plant City which includes an air conditioned indoor training area.

Here are some of the Dog Sports Dog Training of Tampa teaches:

  • Puppy Foundation Training
  • Competitive AKC Obedience
  • Schutzhund / IPO ( tracking, obedience and protection)
  • Agility
  • Ring Sport (Mondio and French)
  • Tracking and nose / scent work

One on One Competitive dog sport lessons are $80.00 per training session. Group Classes 50$ per lesson Dog Sports Dog Training of Tampa also offers packages of 6 lessons with discount.All ages, All levels and All breeds. If You live in Tampa, St. Pete, Lakeland, Brandon, Winter Haven, Clear Water, Sarasota, Florida and You wish to train and learn from the best dog trainer in the world – you can 🙂 Everyone is welcome!!!