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Accelerated Dog Obedience

This is our favorite Dog Training program, but also our most popular one. Therefore reserving a spot in advance is to be expected, so plan ahead! We get to focus and devote our time only to your dog, without having to teach You at the same time how dogs learn. This makes it a very exciting and stimulating experience for us (the trainers) and your dog. Any local trainer now offers similar service, but there are differences, which you will not see until few months after graduation. Our Accelerating Obedience Program has no particular rules or structure. First we find out how your dog learns best. During the first week as we are already teaching, our main goal is to recognize your dog’s learning style and habits, which will eventually improve the learning efficiency. We teach whatever the dog wants to learn at that particular session. The session can be very short or quite long if the dog is having fun learning, or showing off what they have learned. As you can see on the videos we work hard to create a very pleasant learning environment for the dogs. Ivan’s system of Clear Communication allows us to utilize previous learning to promote New one. For example as your dog is learning how to “Down” it will associate and apply the same rules that it has already learned about the “Sit” command. In the video bellow You will see dogs at different stages in training, some going trough the Accelerated Program , some have already completed the course and we are now working together with their owners so they can return home home with confidence and a “different dog” as they say
We also believe that playing and going on walks during the training sessions, help to boost learning. There will be times when your dog will need more time to understand a new command, there will be times when your dog will learn something in an instant, we are able to recognize these times and approach them accordingly. There are several stages we take the dogs trough, from the basic training at the facility, to going to quiet areas in town, to the dog beach and busy city streets at the end. Your dog learn the following commands during accelerated training:
  • Walk politely on leash
  • Come when called
  • Not jumping on guests
  • Sit
  • Down
  • leave it! (for letting go of something that’s not supposed to be in your dogs mouth)
  • Stay command for period of time ( out of site)
  • as well as few other general house commands such as “Place”
What’s the difference between us, and the other trainers? We are arguably the most accomplished trainers in USA! Our experience,  credentials and accomplishments can not be compared to any of the local trainers! We design each dogs training program to fit the breed the age and the problems ( if any) you are facing. We make it fun for the dog to learn but probably the biggest difference is that we GET IT DONE, and at the end our clients leave 100% satisfied. If you are sending your dog to us out of state, or out of country, we can help you with arranging the shipping, there will be some additional fees. You are welcome to visit as many times as you would like the Dog Ranch and check how the dog training is going. We also will provide you with several video updates. At the end of the course, you will receive 3 lessons in which we will make sure you understand how to go from this point on. In the future We are still a phone call away to provide you with sound advise and answer a question. The price includes the boarding and food, but you are encouraged to bring your own, if your dog is doing well on it, there is no need to switch food, just bring your own as well as anything else you might think your dog will need to feel at home. We will need an up to date vaccination record provided by your vet as well as flea, tick, hearth worm preventative.
If you would like to take a peek at our facility prior to visit us, check out our Boarding Facility and Play Grounds in this video
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