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Accelerated Dog Training

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This is by far our client’s favorite Dog Training Program!
Here is why – We get to focus and devote our time only to Your dog and avoid the frustrations you will have if you had to follow our instructions, trying to learn at the same time as you teach your dog. Our Accelerating Obedience Program has no particular rules or structure for a good reason. In the beginning, we get to know your dog and make sure it feels comfortable and happy with us. During the first week as we are already teaching, our main goal is to recognize your dog’s individual learning style and habits, which will eventually improve the learning efficiency. As we are creating this exciting learning environment for your dog, we always take under consideration the age, the breed, the genetic predispositions, so we can teach in way that it will be interesting for your dog to want to learn.  
We teach whatever the dog wants to learn in a particular lesson. A training session can be very short or quite long if the dog is having fun learning, or showing off what they have learned. Play has an important role in the way we interact with dogs here at Dog Training of Tampa Bay. By the end of the course your dog will love us and this will be very easy to see when you to visit or take a lesson with us! Our objective is not to suppress your dog and create a machine, this isn’t what dog training is about. Ivan’s system Training Without Conflict has become the most favorite approach for professional dog trainers around the world.
Here are some of the basic commands that are covered in our Accelerated Course:
  •  Come when called (not an option!)
  •  Walk politely on leash on command
  •  Walk on leash with freedom to explore around but still behave with manners
  •  Reliable Sit and Down commands even under distractions
  •  Stay command for longer periods of time
  •  leave it! (for letting go of something that’s not supposed to be in your dog’s mouth)
as well as few other general house commands such as “Place”  
The Accelerated Program is 4 weeks long. This is plenty of time which allows us to go in a comfortable pace through each lesson and make sure what is learned will be retained overtime. At the end of the course, you will receive 3 One on One lessons in which we will make sure you understand how to go from this point on. In the future, we are still a phone call away to provide you with sound advice and answer a question.
The price for our program is $4,000.00 It includes the boarding and food, but you are encouraged to bring your own if your dog is doing well on it, there is no need to switch food, just bring your own as well as anything else you might think your dog will need to feel at home.
Any of local trainer will claim that they can accomplish everything for less amount of money and shorter time. When you compare what we do to other dog training companies it may look the same or at least very similar. The differences are several, the quality of training, the reliability, the joy your dog performs, the whole training experience is something that no other trainer will be able to achieve! What really separates us, from the rest? We are the most accomplished trainers in the USA! Unparalleled Experience, Credentials and ourAccomplishments! We have been training dogs for over 40 years and consistently rank in the top 5 in the world, holding two World Champion titles as well.
If you are sending your dog to us out of state, or out of the country, we can help you with arranging the shipping, there will be some additional fees. You are welcome to visit as many times as you would like the Dog Ranch and check how the dog training is going. We also will provide you with several video updates.
We are located about 30 minutes from Tampa on a 10 acres property, developed with dogs in mind. You are welcome to schedule an appointment and check out the facility.
To be accepted to our facility, your dog must have proof of up to date vaccination records, flea and tick preventative and be healthy. After we communicate through email, we will set up a drop off date. We are busy and do not like to take too many dogs at the same time so keep that in mind.
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