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Dog Training Programs

We’re fluent in all techniques and approaches of dog training. This allows us to be flexible in our lessons so the dog enjoys the learning while we’re  accomplishing results!


Accelerated Board & Train

Sending Your Dog to Harvard! Four weeks of learning with the Best Dog Trainers in the world – One on One! After the dog completes our course, we spend as many sessions as needed with You and your family to teach You how easy it is to maintain what we have already accomplished. You may wonder how is our program different than any other in Tampa Bay? Well …

One on One Lessons

If you would like to do the training of your dog yourself, then this is the right program for You! How does it work? First you will schedule an evaluation at our facility, so we can discuss what you want to accomplish with your dog. These type of lessons are tailored to meet your specific needs, basic & advanced obedience, behavior issues, competitive dog sports …

Advanced Off leash

For those of you that want to have the best behaved dog on the block, the dog that everyone considers the smartest and most obedient then this is the program for you. It is custom tailored program that …

Instant Solutions

One session may be enough! What does this mean? Ivan Balabanov’s “Instant Solution” is a form of Behavior Modification Program that works (as the title suggests) instantly! We come to You, or You come to us. As our clients say “… He might as well have a magic wand hidden somewhere”, but rest assure, Our program is not a gimmick!.

Free Obedience Classes

Being Expert Dog Trainers for over 30 years, we can say with 100% confidence, that Obedience classes are not the best way to teach your dog, and forget about  true individual attention during class! We do offer Obedinece Classes,and Yes they are free of charge but only as an Ongoing Refresher Courses, to our clients who have already gone trough the Accelerated Programs! The Refresher courses are a lot of fun, and are the place where you can build on …

Pet Tricks Class

What do you want to do with your dog? What does your dog want to do with you? Learning tricks is one of the most exciting and Fun thing you could possibly do with your best friend. In our class we accept dogs of all ages and breeds.Our Pet Tricks Class is not your typical dog training class! Rather than focusing on perfect performance, this class is all about learning to enjoy the moments. Follow the link and watch our Pet Tricks Viedos!!!

Competitive Dog Sports

The majority of dog behavior problems come as a result of your dog living a life without much excitement, waiting for you to take them on the usual around the block walk, or at the best go to the dog park from time to time. The truth is dogs that have enrolled in various dog sports have a very different relationship with their families.

Dog Boarding and Day Care

Here at Dog Training of Tampa Bay, inc., we are all professional dog trainers. Therefore, you can trust us to ensure that your dog will get the appropriate attention, care and most of all maintain its good manners! In addition, all of our guests can participate in our ongoing training classes.