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Take a look at this video first, Ivan now teaches professional trainer his system Training Without Conflict We hope You are aware of the obvious fact about  “Testimonials”, no trainer will ever put a testimonial on their website that will not be in their benefit. It is common now with most trainers to make YouTube videos as well Have you ever wondered why?  Because these are most likely the only brags and accomplishments they have. Yes, of course, we also have some videos to show you but, I don’t want to take much of your time and get you lost in 100’s of videos that are basically showing the same, therefore I have only selected few to simply demonstrate our ability and knowledge, so here you can visit our YouTube Channel I have been training dogs for over 30 years, I know many say that cliche too.  When someone has such a long history in the profession the natural question comes – What have you accomplished? I actively compete against the the best dog trainers in the country and the world. I have won 12 national championships and 2 World Championships in the most difficult and competitive dog sport there is – IPO (  tracking, obedience and protection)!!! But you should look at my credentials and accomplishments here and review some of my diplomas and certificates here  I believe this is far more than endless, no sense testimonials and YouTube videos showing the same thing over and over again. For example, We train on average 10 dogs each month, this means in a year we have trained 120 dogs, for the last 30 years about 3,600 dogs. Imagine the work someone has to do to put them in testimonials and videos?! Instead, I have added only a few from some of the best dog trainers in the world and the country bellow:

Sharon Ronen WUSV 2009 World Champion

… as a response to my “congratulations world champ!” here is what Sharon replied : Thank you Ivan, I was influenced very much from your working system. so you deserve a lot of my thanks!!! Sharon

Mojca Tominc FMBB 2008 World Champion

  We are very happy to have an opportunity to meet Ivan during the AWMA 2009 championship competition. It was very nice personal and learning experience. Ivan is real master of dog training. We were fascinated by speaking with him about his methods ant training philosophy. The video lessons at Train Per View are exceptional […]

Uta Bindels FMBB 2003 World Champion

I only can recommend a seminar with Ivan Balabanov. It was really amazing, Ivan never looses concentration, gets tired or becomes inpatient. Excellent theory and logical approach to dog training! I have never seen somebody holding a seminar and working with each individual for so long one on one. It was really great! And also […]

Michael Ellis School Dog Trainers

Ivan Balabanov is, in my opinion, the most gifted competitive sport trainer in this country. I have learned more from my time training with, and from watching Ivan, than from any other single trainer in my career. He is thoughtful, innovative, and insightful. Ivan and I may have our training differences, but I cannot recommend […]

Donna Matey 3 x US Mondioring Champion

In 2000 I attended my first Ivan seminar. By that time I had been training and successfully competing with my dogs in AKC events. My goal for the seminar was to find out more about Schutzhund. Instead, Ivan and his methods captivated me. This first seminar, and subsequent training opportunities with Ivan, changed my entire […]

Sean Rivera Top Ranking World Competitor

Ivan taught me probably the single most important thing I know about dog training, and that is simply “to think like they do”. A simple concept with great value! I am forever grateful for his friendship, support, and influence in my career.

Lisa Geller 3 x US Mondioring Champion

Hi Ivan, Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how powerful your training techniques have been for me. I benefit from seminars and feel you are one of the great animal trainers of our day. Thanks for sharing your skills.

Steve Gregalunas 2007 AWMA Champion

I started training with Ivan in 2004 with my Malinois Eli vom Teufelhund, who was one year old at the time. Under Ivan’s program we built an excellent foundation on Eli’s protection phase. Ivan was very instrumental in mine and Eli’s performances. Since I’ve been training with Ivan he has influenced my way of thinking […]

Greg Doud, international competitor

Without question, in my opinion, Ivan is the best IPO trainer in North America.  His philosophy and training methods have changed training throughout the world and his results in IPO speak for themselves.  I consider Ivan a very good friend and am very fortunate to have mentored under him.  If you get the chance to attend a seminar or […]

Marina Shukh

While Ivan’s countless accomplishments can speak for themselves, his greatest achievement cannot be measured in titles and trophies. There are many talented trainers out there, but it takes someone especially gifted to revolutionize the sport as we know it. Ivan has earned his place in history by doing just that. On a personal note, I […]

Theresa M

Hi Ivan, It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since I found your website. I searched online for a long time to find “the best breeder” to get my Malinois puppy from and after awhile it was easy to see that you were definately the best breeder, and most accomplished competitor in Schutzhund. I […]

Tom K. And Utina

Hello Ivan I want to take this time to thank you so much for your work with my GSD Utina..  She has come so far with your help..  She feels so confident in the blind / Hold and bark and her long bite is the best and fastest ever.. We are looking so forward to […]

Dina and Storm

Being a single female, living alone, it’s important for me to have layers of security.  Having been raised with dogs and exposed to various breeds and behavioral issues through foster work with a local rescue, I felt I was ready for a serious working breed and protection dog.  Enter my gorgeous Dutch Shepherd girl, Storm.  […]

Ken and Pax

I have trained with Ivan over the years with absolute satisfaction, and success, in reaching our goals. Ivan has a true sense of what is needed and the way to achieve these needs through his unique training methods. Although I work primarily with the Schutzhund sport, I highly recommend Ivan to help with any training […]

Daryl and Bailey

I own a 3-year old Doberman Pincher who is an amazing dog named Bailey. She has a great temperament with all people/dogs and is extremely smart. We trained her basic obedience (sit, stay, down, shake, come, etc), but I came to a point where I would play with her/practice with her, but with no real […]

Ruth and Cadance

Hello Ivan, I just wanted to let you know that Cadance is doing great. I feel like you sold me two dogs in one. I have a dog that is fearless and would take a bullet for me. The other dog is my best friend and just wants to cuddle up on the couch with […]

Dan and Anka

Let me begin by saying very few people in the larger community of canine protection sports know who I am and that’s perfectly fine. There’s no particular reason why anyone really should have. My technical skill as a canine trainer are novice at best, but here’s why what I have to say about Ivan Balabanov […]

Darin K

I was looking for the right person and company from which to purchase a complete security dog for my family. I am
married and have 5 kids, so this wasn’t a decision I took lightly. I spent months and countless hours researching to find the right fit. I got very tired of finding websites that had no substance to their programs…

Nadia Acosta

I wanted to thank you for all your help these past 3 years. You have not only helped me by training my dogs, but you have taught me to become a better …

Tim Keller

Because you are reading this page and considering buying a personal protection dog, I am sure that you want a dog that can do his job…ie …protecting you and your family and also not be a liability in any way. Ivan’s dogs will exceed your expectations. My name is Vicki Keller and probably like you, […]

David Miller

In a world where people do evil things to others, we all must be prepared. I was looking for a protection dog for about a year and happened to come upon Premier Protection Dogs during my quest. After having made a few phone calls to other sites, I started following what Ivan suggests you to […]