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Malinois training – puppies and adults

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We are the Malinois experts, but if you have a Malinois you probably already know this!
Our dog training services include – Puppy Foundation, Basic and Advanced training, Obedience and Behavior problem correction.
Malinois are amazing dogs, super intelligent and typically active breed, they can be quite the challenge to raise. As a starter a Malinois puppy will grab a hold of your pants or anything that moves and would get very upset (border line aggressive) if told to let go. Car chasing or showing fearful aggression on the street , avoiding people or attacking other dogs are all problems that can be avoided or easily fixed by us if addressed on time. The preferred age for basic obedience is around 5-6 months old.
Proper socialization and puppy training are of utmost importance! Most professional dog trainers do not understand the roots of such behaviors, and over correct and punish a puppy. In fact to my knowledge there are not too many pros that understand how to work with Malinois.
We accept dogs for training from any state or country. Length of courses varies depending on the age of the dog, level of training needed, or the intensity of the behavior problem. The closes airport to us is Tampa International.
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